Olivier Martinez & Julian Douste


As a luxury brand having great ambitions with Japan, should you contact an unknown influencer or a famous journalist? A respected magazine or an anonymous blogger? Should you use Line, Twitter, or Facebook? Out-of-home or TV? And when you chose your media, what frequency should you adopt? 

In 5 sessions, Olivier Martinez, CEO and Founder of Outblast, and his Japan representative, Julian Douste, provide listeners with the basic tools to navigate through Japan’s disorienting media universe. The quest for a powerful media strategy stops here! In this third session, we talk about influencers and PR.

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We believe that brands that value craftsmanship, heritage, and creativity belong in today’s global market.

OUTBLAST is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating and implementing structured digital marketing strategies to enable premium/luxury brands to grow their online visibility and performance.

Our role is to comprehend the core identity of the brand to unify it across all digital channels in order to create an engaging customer journey, increase efficiency, increase online sales and reduce costs.

As we develop the expertise of our in-house talents, we localize media communication, produce engaging video, photo, and graphic design content, and lead complex media buying campaigns to build and maintain a balanced user funnel throughout the year.


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