Etienne BOURGOISCOO / President, CMC (agnès b.) / Fondation Tara Ocean

Etienne Bourgois, son of Agnès Troublé (agnès b.)  , is the COO of the fashion house agnes b. since 1979 and has led its growth internationally  . The group  today has a turnover of 260 Million euros with 1,800 employees, in France, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, NYC and London. 

Since 2003 and the acquisition of Tara, triggered by a passion of the sea deeply anchored in the family, Etienne has launched 12 scientific expeditions. In 2016, donating the boat, Tara becomes the Tara Ocean Foundation. He is now also President of the foundation. It is the first marine foundation  recognized of public utility.

He is decorated of the "ordre national du merite maritime" in 2010, in 2017 , "chevalier de la legion d'honneur" and in 2021 becomes  "officier de l'ordre national du merite".

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