Sylvain AGOSTINIAssistant Professor at Tsukuba University, based in Shimoda Marin Station. Director, Tara Ocean Japan

Originally from Cannes in France, he received his M.S. degree from Center of Oceanology of Marseille in 2005 and came to Japan in 2005 to study eco physiology of reef-building corals at Shizuoka University for his Ph.D. from Shizuoka University in 2009, and held postdoctoral positions at Shizuoka University and the University of the Ryukyu, among others. 2012-present.
His recent research focuses on the effects of climate change, ocean acidification, and other anthropogenic stressors on the ecology and physiology of marine organisms, with a particular focus on corals in the tropics and subtropics. The research approach combines fieldwork and laboratory studies.
He is the scientific coordinator of the Tara Pacific Consortium and a board member of the Tara Océan Japan, where he is leading the Tara JAMBIO Microplastics Joint Survey on microplastic pollution along the coast of the Japanese archipelago.

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