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Minimum Wage in Motion: the Japanese Case

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Come and meet Ryo Kambayashi from the Institute of Economic Research to learn more about different aspects of the minimum wage system.

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The French Chamber is thrilled to announce the next lunch seminar “Minimum Wage in Motion: the Japanese Case” of the Maison Franco-Japonaise on Friday, October 18.

The (statutory) minimum wage has recently created an international controversy. The Japanese Cabinet Office, apart from the Minimum Wage Council, discussed the raise of minimum wage by 5 percent or by 3 percent. Jean-Claude Juncker repeatedly suggests the introduction of EU-wide minimum wage.

In this short lecture, Ryo Kambayashi will summarize the economic mechanism of minimum wage, especially along with the deflationary state such as Japan. The Japanese institute of minimum wage is particular in the world, in that the law does not allow any exemption, and it provides us a good example to see the effect of minimum wage hike. Besides, the lecture suggests another aspect of minimum wage, from the view point of political economy, related to the controversy about the introduction of EU-wide minimum wage.



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