過去のイベント: Code your first website in 2hours


On 12 April, CCIFJ hosted a young professionals committee event for 17 participants on designing a landing page using HTML/CSS. The workshop aimed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of HTML/CSS core notions, graphical tips and tools, and the importance of creating responsive websites for different devices.

The workshop began with an introduction to HTML/CSS, followed by a discussion of various graphical tips and tools, including FontAwesome, Google Fonts, and coolors. Participants were encouraged to code and design their own landing pages throughout the workshop, with opportunities to receive feedback from their peers and the instructor.

By the end of the workshop, participants had gained practical skills and knowledge that they could apply to their future projects. The event was successful in fostering a community of designers and developers who are passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites.

Overall, the workshop was a well-organized and informative event that contributed to the professional development of attendees in the field of web design and development.






Bootcamp Manager, LE WAGON TOKYO

I am a software developer and bootcamp manager at Le Wagon Tokyo.
I'm a maker by essence and I love to develop applications and push the limits of fields like VR, AR or recently AI (I guess it's not the right place to talk about my leathercraft addiction? 🙄).

I'm also a people person, changing the life of our coding bootcamp students is the reason why I wake up every morning ❤️.

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