Bonjour France

Bonjour France, the French way of life!

Each year, Bonjour France hosts, with its French and Japanese partners, exceptional events that highlight the French way of life.  

To truly grasp what constitutes the French way of life is not an easy task. Living “à la française” means taking time to have a nice meal, to learn, to dream, to share… 

Each year, for more than a month, Bonjour France invites the Japanese public to discover the French way of life, by sharing French traditional expertise in a variety of modern and innovative ways.

Bonjour France proposes to share unique cultural moments, to discover our gastronomy in an informal manner, to taste new products that cannot be found in Japan and to take part in unique lifestyle events in the mythical stores of Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo and Isetan Kyoto in Kyoto.

Find more about Bonjour France program on and come take part in our numerous events to discover the French way of life.

France has dressed up for the occasion, come and meet her!


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Mayu HANDA Bonjour France Director
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