Our partners in Japan

Our partners in Japan

French Embassy in Japan

Business France
Business France, the French agency for the international development of companies, supports French companies in their development abroad. It was born from the merger of Ubifrance and AFII (French Agency for International Investments) in 2015.

European Business Council (EBC)
The EBC is the association of the European countries’ national Chambers of commerce which represents the private sector before the Japanese authorities. It advocates the point of view of European companies regarding regulations, norms and various restrictions affecting commerce and investment in Japan.

CCI France International
CCI France International gathers and animates the 112 French Chambers of commerce, including the CCIFJ, in more than 80 countries. It represents the 1st private network of French corporations in the world.

French Institute of Japan
The French Institute of Japan is an official French institution that continues the legacy of Paul Claudel and of the 1953 bilateral cultural agreement by assuring the sustainability of an intercultural dialogue around the challenges of this new century. Its five branches (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kansai, Kyushu, Okinawa) are open to the public, offering in one location civilization and language schools, cultural centres, media libraries, cinemas, restaurants.

French-Japanese Economic Group (Paris Club)
Paris Club is an association created in 1993 to promote French-Japanese economic relations.

Lycée Français International de Tokyo
The “new” Lycée Français International is one of the 486 AEFE (Agencies for French Education Abroad) institutions attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that educates 300 000 students around the world. The AEFE network ensures that children will benefit from a pedagogical continuity at a global scale.

French International School of Kyoto
Located near the central station, the French International School of Kyoto accompanies 170 students from the 1st grade of elementary school up until the senior year of high school. Homologated by the “Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger” (AEFE), the school’s pedagogic project following differents points: mastering both the french and japanese language, linguistic and cultural exchanges with Japan, learning about communication technologies, health education, sustainability and citizenship, students individual help and help to build their personality.
The results of the various exams (100% obtained with Honors in the DNB and the baccalaureate) testify to the willingness of teachers and staff to offer a benevolent and demanding educational offer for its students.

Association des Anciens du Lycée Français International de Tokyo (alfit)

France Kansai Circle
The France Kansai circle is an association that gathers Japanese people who lived in France and French people who live in the Kansai region.
Tél : +81 (0)7 2843 0377

Maison Franco-Japonaise (MFJ)
The purpose of the MFJ is to ensure the exchange and promotion of French-Japanese culture and sciences.

Kyushu Economic Federation

Kansai Economic Federation

Fukuoka Foreign Trade Association

Central Japan Economic Federation(Chukeiren)


Our partners in France

Assembly of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry - CCI France
The AFCI is the national institution that federates and enlivens the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Cap Japon has for aim to develop grouped actions that benefit to French small and medium companies at an international stage. This branch represents a network of ‘experts of Japan’ within the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry and offers an individual support to companies that expect to enter the Japanese market, in connection with the CCI France Japan.

French-Japanese Exchange committee (CEFJ)
The CEFJ is a French-Japanese institutional and professional network created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris in 1997.

Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques (GIFAS)
This French Aerospace consortium is a professional federation that gathers 299 companies specialized in the research, development, implementation, commercialisation and maintenance of any aerospace program or equipment.

Comité National des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France
The “consultants of France’s foreign trade” (CCEF) are nominated for 3 years by decree of the Prime Minister and share on a voluntary basis their experience of French economical presence abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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