Sponsor an event

Give your company exceptional exposure during an event of CCI France Japon! There are several options to promote your company, products or services: by sharing your logo, banner, by providing booths during the event or by sponsoring the event in kind (donation of products, samples, goodies…).

Over 100 events are organized each year by CCI France Japon. They allow companies to better understand their environment, to share their experiences and to access a strong network of French-Japanese personalities. Choose the event that best meets your needs:

- The annual Gala of Tokyo with almost 800 guests, promotes France and its gastronomy, music, culture and products to Japanese people.

- Breakfasts and lunches of CCI France Japon are the perfect opportunity to listen to and connect with key personalities of political, economic and financial sectors, and with Japanese market specialists.

- CCI France Japon committees (Marketing, New businesses, HR…) provide business insights to our members.

- Our popular Networking events take place all throughout the year: inter-chamber cocktails, golf tournament, end of summer events, company visits…

To learn more about our offers :

download our Sponsorship guide

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