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You wish to increase awareness for your company, your brand, your products?

We offer a variety of advertising tools: website, newsletters, members’ directory, business magazine, etc. We also provide numerous services: press relations, content creation, communication, promotion publications (brochures, kakemonos, landing pages, etc.).

A great way to increase your visibility!

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In our business magazine France Japon Eco

Every quarter, offer your brand exceptional reach towards the French-Japanese business community in the only completely bilingual (French/Japanese) magazine exclusively focused on Japanese economy and society.

Our popular France Japon Eco magazine features news, a complete report on an economic or social theme, interviews of French and Japanese personalities, and economic, technical, legal, fiscal, technological and cultural articles.

Target readership: corporate decision makers, entrepreneurs, French-Japanese business community, business school students…

Distribution: 3500 copies distributed in Japan and in France to our members, French and international institutions, major hotels in Tokyo, Paris and Osaka, airport lounges in Tokyo and Paris. This magazine is also referenced in the virtual newsstand of Air France.

An essential business tool for our members, a great visibility for your brand.

On our website

Our website is the information gateway to the French-Japanese community around the world. It offers up-to-date and relevant news, in three languages:

  • A direct access to a bilingual target of French-Japanese top managers and entrepreneurs
  • Personalization of our tools to your company identity (homepage, articles, banners)
  • An effective mean to share your activities, key successes, promotions

Your activities and successes on a trilingual website of reference.

On our newsletters

Targeted visibility, exceptional reach, guaranteed efficiency

Number of contacts: more than 2500 contacts (bilingual)

Target: All members of CCI France Japon, French Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France and Asia, French institutions in Japan, and other contacts that asked to receive news about the French-Japanese economy. A direct access to the mailboxes of all our contacts, a wide target for maximum impact.

Maximum visilibity at a competitive price.

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