MFJ Online Lunch Seminar - Japanese Economy and Society "Marital Infidelity in Japan: With Whom and Why"

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MFJ Lunch Seminar - Japanese Economy and Society


This event will be held on Zoom.

The French Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the next MFJ Lunch Seminar ‘Marital Infidelity in Japan: With Whom and Why’ happening on September 30, 2022.





This study examines and analyses the determinants and consequences of marital infidelity in Japan based on the original survey conducted in 2020. Japan is a society based on the assumption of sexual exclusiveness with one’s spouse. Previous studies have shown that around 10-30% of married people have committed infidelity at least once in their past married life. Once such scandals related to extramarital affairs have surfaced, it leads to divorce, dismissal, lawsuits, and even social risks such as the person’s reputation. Why do people dare to commit infidelity even if they know it brings serious matters? And how do they begin and end it? This study seeks to answer these questions regarding the tri-party relationship between those who committed marital infidelity, their spouse and with whom they committed it. In addition, this study also investigates and analyses whose marital infidelity is accused of and who banishes whose marital infidelity. The study of infidelity may unravel how the traditional family structure of Japanese society has changed.


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