Bridge on the Shikishima Way-100 Poems by Emperor Meiji-

Bridge on the Shikishima Way-100 Poems by Emperor Meiji-

The author/translator Harold Wright, presently Professor Emeritus at Antioch College,

has studied Japanese poetry and literature under Professor Donald Keene, the famous Japanologist. About 40 years ago, Professor Wright was requested by the then Chief Priest of Meiji Jingu Shrine to translate into English 311 tanka poems of Emperor Meiji and 111 of that of Empress Shoken, his spouse; the Imperial couple known to be excellent poets. Many years have passed, and to the great happy surprise, Meiji Jingu has received lately from the Professor the translations of the “forty-years-old request”.

Today, 100 poems of the Emperor out of these translations are compiled in this book

Together with these translations, Professor Wright has expressed in his article, the chal-lenge and the joy that he experienced in translating the tanka poems, the essential heart of Japanese culture. Also included in this book, a commentary from Professor Nagata Kazuhiro, tanka poet and cell- biologist, explaining the difficulties of translating tanka poems.

The book is totally Japanese-English bilingual. 

We hope that the publication of this book will introduce tanka, the world oldest form of poetry supported by the Imperial Family and people of Japan alike, to many people around the world.

Please enjoy reading the book.

The book is available at major bookstores and Amazon.


Author/translator     Harold Wright
Editorial oversight    Meiji Jingu Shrine
Publisher             Chuo Koron Shinsha
Price                 ¥2200

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