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CCI France Japon General Meeting 2024: a look back at the event

[Translate to Anglais:] Assemblée générale 2024 de la CCI France Japon : retour sur l'événement

The 2023 General Meeting of CCIFJ was held on Friday 29 March.

A look back at the Chamber's activities in 2023, prospects for 2024 and elections were on the agenda at the CCI France Annual Ordinary General Meeting.

The 2023 General Meeting of the CCI France Japan was held on Friday 29 March at the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel.

During the event, membership certificates were presented to the new companie who joined the CCIFJ in 2023:

Jérôme Chouchan, President of the CCI France Japon, opened the meeting.

2023: an innovative Chamber in a contrasted environment

Jérôme Chouchan began his speech with conviction reminding the Chamber's mission, vision and core values, underlining its unwavering commitment to its members. He then highlighted the main lines of the "Vision 2026" plan, based on a strategic reinforcement of existing activities to better meet the specific expectations of our members. This plan is based on three fundamental pillars: the satisfaction of 800 members by 2026, regional expansion and the development of an innovative communications platform.

Jérôme Chouchan then detailed the main activities and successes of 2023, highlighting the Chamber's dynamism and efficiency in achieving its objectives.

In conclusion, he expressed his deep gratitude to all members for their loyalty and active participation in the Chamber's activities. He also affirmed his firm commitment to placing member satisfaction at the heart of all the organization's future actions, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence and quality service.

Each Director and Committee President then presented their 2023 activities and results.

► Find the details by activity within our 2023 activity report.

Approval of 2023 financial statements and 2024 budget

Following the auditors' report, the 2023 financial report and the 2024 budget were approved at the meeting.

New Board of Directors

The election of the new Board of Directors also took place during the General Meeting.

Jérôme Chouchan was re-elected as the President of CCI France Japon for a further two years. We would like to thank him for his commitment. Our thanks also go to the outgoing directors for their dedication. We extend a warm welcome to the new members and wish all those who have been re-elected every success for the future.

Medal of honor: 

The CCI France Japon was also pleased to award the Medal of Honor to Christian Polak for his involvement and loyal service to the CCI in recent years, and for his contribution to Franco-Japanese relations.


Chairman of Kewpie Corporation, Mr Amane NAKASHIMA, then took part in the luncheon.

He began by looking back at the origins of the Kewpie brand, offering the audience a glimpse of its history and evolution over time.

In his speech, Amane Nakashima shared Kewpie's motto and philosophy, stressing the importance of earning customers' trust to ensure the company's long-term sustainability. He insisted that the Kewpie Group continues to follow its founder's doctrine, which advocates action based on moral principles, the pursuit of originality and ingenuity, and concern for the welfare of parents.

In addition, Amane Nakashima highlighted the diversification of the brand's activities, mentioning the management of Caves Legrand and the National Azabu supermarket, among others. This diversification testifies to Kewpie's commitment to exploring new opportunities while remaining true to its core values.

Mr Philippe Setton, French Ambassador to Japan, closed the Annual General Meeting

His speech highlighted the dynamism of the Chamber and the strong French presence in Japan. He noted that France is now the fifth-largest investor country in Japan, testifying to a strong economic relationship between the two nations.

The year 2023 was marked by Japan's presidency of the G7, and Philippe Setton expressed his desire to deepen Franco-Japanese relations in 2024. He stressed the importance of upcoming events this year, including the Vivatech trade show in Paris, where Japan will be the country of honor, the Olympic Games in Paris, as well as the Osaka World Expo, where France will have its own pavilion.

In his speech, Philippe Setton also emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and the various embassy departments, notably Business France and Atout France.

In conclusion, Philippe Setton complimented Christian Polak on the medal he had been awarded, highlighting his commitment and contribution to Franco-Japanese relations.

A few more photos from the Annual General Meeting:

The Annual General Meeting was organized with the support of the following companies:

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