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France Japon Eco 156
Author : CCI France Japon

Language : French / Japanese
Number of pages : 80

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France Japon Eco is the only entirely bilingual (French/Japanese) magazine focusing exclusively on Japanese economy and society.


Every quarter, the magazine gathers:

  • News highlights
  • Business and legal articles
  • A full report on an economic or social theme
  • Interviews of French and Japanese business leaders

More information:

Communication Department

Managing editor:

Régis Arnaud is the Editor-in-chief of the FRANCE JAPON ECO since 2004. He is also the correspondent in Japan of the newspaper Figaro, the magazine Challenge, and he works closely with the Japanese media Toyo Keizai. His company, Tokyo Story, produced the play Deguchinashi (2007), the film CUT (2011), the event Awaodori Paris (2015) and creates commercial videos.



Digital version:

FJE 176

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