Sabre et Pinceau

 Sabre et Pinceau
Author : Christian Polak

Language : French / Japanese
Number of pages : 248

7600 yen


2nd volume of the serie “L’histoire des Français au Japon”


This sumptuous edition highlights the French historical and economic patrimony in Japan during the period 1872-1960 in the military, naval, aeronautic and artistic domains. Sabre et Pinceau is a piece of Art dedicated to the History of French-Japanese relations from 1872 to 1960. This living image takes the reader along the trails of men-at-arms and artists from this period, who contributed to the cultural influence of France and Japan and to the giant increase in exchanges between those two countries.

First part: the Sabre

Modernising of the Army and Royal Navy through France

Chapter 1: The second French military mission in Japan (1872-1880)
Chapter 2: The third French military mission in Japan (1884-1889), Berthaut and De Villaret
Chapter 3: Louis-Emile Bertin, the modernizer of the Royal Navy (1886-1890)

Japan and French aviation (1909-1935)

Second part: the Brush

Félix Régamey, painter-traveller
Paul Jacoulet, the other Uatamaro
Noel Nouet, the other Hiroshige

Author: Christian Polak

Graduate in 1971 from the INALCO and from the Law faculty of the national university Hitotsubashi, he defends his thesis on French-Japanese relations from 1914 to 1925. He frequently publishes books and articles on the History of French-Japanese relations, as well as working as a consultant in the Seric.

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