Soies et Lumières

Soie et Lumières
Author : Christian Polak

Language : French / Japanese
Number of pages : 248

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1st volume of the serie “L’Histoire des Français au Japon”.


Soies et Lumières, l’âge d’or des échanges franco-japonais (des origines à l’après-guerre) (Translation: the golden age of French-Japanese exchanges, from the origins to post-war period), illustrates the astonishing journey of the pioneers in Japan and the richness of the exchanges during this period. This book mainly deals with the French impact on military, political and economic domains during the Edo and Meiji eras. Richly illustrated with pictures, paintings, old newspapers, this book gives us a clearer understanding of French role in Japanese evolution. From the silk trade to the establishment of the first companies, this book gathers all about the History of French-Japanese relations.

1st part: the Edo era

France and the kingdom of Ryuku
1859-1868: First commercial exchanges
Unique pictures annotated by Léon Roches.
How France reorganized the Shogun Army.
he Hakodate Republic

2nd part: Meiji era

The important governmental projects
Ukiyoe collection: French seen by Japanese people
Alfred Gérard, philanthropic entrepreneur
Bigot, Tokyo’s eye (with unique pieces)

Author: Christian Polak

Graduate in 1971 from the INALCO and from the Law faculty of the national university Hitotsubashi, he defends his thesis on French-Japanese relations from 1914 to 1925. He frequently publishes books and articles on the History of French-Japanese relations, as well as working as a consultant in the Seric.

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