Company of the year Award

This award is designed for companies or SMEs, members of the French Chamber, working with France and/or Japan and which have shown excellence and outstanding achievements in all aspects of their organization in 2023-2024.

To apply for this award, please fill in this form in English (unless stated otherwise) as accurately and completely as possible.

Your company must be a member of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan to apply for this category.



Required information in the application form

- Basic company information

-  Please provide a general overview of your business, including a brief history and summary of your company’s current operations. (150 words max)

- Describe your products and/or services. What makes your business unique and sets you apart from your competitors? (150 words max)

- Please describe your business goals over the past 12 months, the strategies, improvements and changes you’ve used to achieve these goals and the results. (200 words max)

- An overview of the financial performance of your business

- Please detail here the reason why you feel your company should win this Award

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