Every year since 1978, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has had the pleasure to entertain its members, partners and clients with its exclusive gala evenings.

Those prestigious events are a showcase of the best of France in Japan, gathering almost 800 people in Tokyo, 300 in Kansai and 250 in Fukuoka, 80% of which are Japanese CEOs, politicians, celebrities or journalists.

The evening revolves around three key moments: first, a French Michelin-starred chef serves a special menu designed for the occasion; then, guests are treated to an exclusive show highlighting a famous aspect of French culture (with prestigious performers such as le Moulin rouge or l’Opéra de Paris); and finally, a giant raffle gives participants a chance to win numerous prizes from the biggest French brands, including travels to France, luxury accessories and cosmetics.

The different editions

Gala of Tokyo

Every year since 1978, the biggest Gala of CCI France Japon gathers more than 800 guests in a prestigious hotel of Japan’s capital city.

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Gala of Kansai

First Gala of CCI France Japon to be held outside of Tokyo, the Kansai Gala takes place every year in one of the main cities of the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe), gathering more than 250 participants.

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Gala of Fukuoka

Fukuoka, the dynamic city in the south of Japan, hosts the second gala outside Kanto of CCI France Japon, gathering more than 200 participants.

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Gala of Nagoya

Nagoya, the industrial city in Japan, hosts the third gala outside Kanto of CCI France Japon.

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